Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability Advanced Software Tools for HRV   The Actiheart Software Package includes advanced Heart Rate Variability tools to allow the capture and analysis of HRV data over extended periods. The Actiheart is designed for Heart Rate Variability (HRV)...
Actiheart 5

Actiheart 5

Actiheart 5 For ECG, Heart Rate, HRV and Energy Expenditure Actiheart 5Light-weight, wearable and fully waterproof for monitoring free living 24/7  … Actiheart 5Attaches to the chest with standard ECG electrodes or optional sports strap… Actiheart...

Wearing the Actiheart

Wearing the Actiheart How to Attach and Wear the Actiheart Skin Preparation It is vital that the surface of skin is correctly prepared prior to attaching the Actiheart elctrodes and before the start of any recording. The process of skin preparation should remove the...

Actiheart Software

Actiheart Software Integrated Software Tool Suite     The Actiheart software provides a fully integrated suite of tools including setup, download, data analysis and management tools for the Actiheart device. The data analysis modules include Energy...

Actiheart Energy Expenditure

Actiheart Energy Expenditure Advanced PAEE Monitoring   The Actiheart is a compact, chest-worn device that records ECG and tri-axial acceleration in a single, light-weight, waterproof unit and uses advanced branched modelling to combine both Heart Rate and...

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