Cloud Data Manager (CDM)

Secure Remote Data Collection and Management

Cloud Data Manager

Fully integrated data management system with secure cloud storage…

The CamNtech Cloud Data Manager (CDM) system provides a secure and convenient method for patient data collection and management in mid to large scale clinical trials.

Typically, clinical trials require large cohorts often with wide geographical distribution. Regularly collecting individual patient data and transferring it securely to the CRO or sponsor can be burdensome. The CDM system has been specifically designed to reduce the data management burden by providing a means of securely transferring patient data to the management HQ.

The most common model will comprise of multiple branch sites, each managing a number of patients. During each patient visit the device data is uploaded to the secure server and the device is re-set for the patient to continue their recording. The HQ site (CRO or sponsor) can then download the data immediately for analysis. The data have automatic 256 bit encryption during upload and decryption at the HQ site with the CRO or sponsor having full control over the encryption key thus providing high levels of data security. The data are also protected by a further key generated during download which ensures that the data can not be tampered with or corrupted without warning hence providing excellent data integrity. The system does not require any sensitive patient data to be recorded thus ensuring high levels of patient privacy.

The branch site computers utilize a cut-down version of our software with set-up based upon a configuration file. This ensures that the risk of set-up errors at the branch sites is minimised as there are no user configurable controls. The data are automatically tagged with patient ID, site name and site code to simplify data management at the HQ.


The figure below shows how the CDM system can function in a large scale study

An alternative model allows individual patients to have the branch software on their home PC providing the ability to regularly upload data without the need for visits to the clinician. This model can work well in smaller scale studies where the subjects are widely geographically dispersed.

For data protection information, please see our GDPR page.

NOTE: the CDM currently functions with MotionWatch devices only – please contact us for other device support.

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