We have been made aware of an issue when using the new Duracell coin cells coated with ‘Bitrex’.

Duracell are one of the most respected manufacturers of batteries and we have long recommended their use in our devices.

Recently Duracell have launched a range of coin cells coated with a very bitter tasting material called ‘Bitrex’ which is intended to discourage small children from ingesting the batteries.

We strongly support any effort to prevent harm from battery ingestion or insertion which can be catastrophic within a very short time period.

However, we have found that the coating forms an insulating ring on one face of the battery which prevents reliable contact inside our product.

For this reason, we ask all users to not use the Duracell ‘Bitrex’ coated batteries and this will result in corrupted or lost recordings.

Products affected – MotionWatch 8, MotionWatch R





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