Sleep Diary

Sleep and Alertness Software for PRO-Diary


The Sleep Diary software is included with the standard PRO-Diary software and provides a rapid route to setting up a sleep and alertness questionnaire. Using the PRO-Diary hardware, the Sleep Diary is a software package that provides an integrated solution for sleep studies requiring both questionnaire and actigraphy data.

From a simple setup, movement and sleepiness data can be collected unobtrusively for up to two weeks. After collection, these data can be visualised in the PC software with flexible, easy to use reporting options.

The Sleep Diary system uses a standard CamNtech PRO-Diary worn on the wrist which prompts the wearer with pre-programmed questions for sleep and alertness monitoring. The results are collated and presented in a standard report within the PC software.

The PRO-Diary has a clear, high contrast OLED display and the front panel keys are touch sensitive requiring no force to operate. It also incorporates a tri-axial accelerometer to allow objective actigraphy data to be collected while the device is worn. A direct USB connection facilitates setup, download and battery charging.

The Sleep Diary can also be set-up to record daytime alertness and mood, producing detailed graphs of the variation in mood alertness throughout the day and the week. These can again be visualised in the PC software or a quick and easy printed report.



The Sleep Diary software provides in-built reporting combining both Questionnaire results with Actigraphy parameters. The results may be printed, copied & pasted, saved as .pdf or be exported to file.

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