Wearing the Actiheart

How to Attach and Wear the Actiheart

Skin Preparation

It is vital that the surface of skin is correctly prepared prior to attaching the Actiheart elctrodes and before the start of any recording. The process of skin preparation should remove the Stratum Corneum and scratch the surface of the next layer of skin down, the Stratum Granulosum. CamNtech recommends the use of Cardio prep pads to properly prepare the skin. The Actiheart software contains an inbuilt signal test function which should be used to check the quality of the R wave signal before commencing a longer term recording.

Spring-Loaded Contacts

The Actiheart uses proprietary spring-loaded quick release clips to attach to the ECG electrodes. This is important because standard ‘snap’ leads cause the electrode gel to be compressed and dispersed which can result in signal degradation. The CamNtech quick release clips allow the Actiheart to be attached and removed with no degradation to the ECG electrodes.

The spring-loaded clips are compatible with all 4mm ‘snap’ type electrodes and accessories.

Wearing with Self Adhesive Electrodes

The Actiheart is typically worn on two standard ECG pads on the chest. The small size of the recorder and the use of standard biocompatible ECG electrodes ensure that the Actiheart monitor is securely but comfortably attached. The Actiheart is designed for multiple day use. It is water resistant and is compatible with daily activities. Usually one electrode is adhered at V1 or V2 (4th intercostals), and the second electrode is placed approximately 10cm away on the left side at V4 or V5 although this placement can be adjusted to be comfortable for the subject.

Wearing with an Elasticated Belt

It is also possible to wear the Actiheart on an elasticated chest belt, similar to a Polar wearlink belt. This alternative mounting position is ideal for short term recordings such as whilst training or playing sport.

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