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MotionWare is software that allows for the set-up, download and analysis of data captured with the MotionWatch 8 or MotionWatch Rugged.  Accelerometer data captured with the PRO-Diary may also be analysed with the MotionWare software.

Fully Integrated Software Solution

The MotionWare software provides analysis functions for sleep, circadian rhythm and physical activity alongside device and data management tools within one integrated solution. The accelerometer data from the MotionWatch or PRO-Diary is interpreted by the software algorithms to provide the end points. An intuitive graphical user interface provides valuable insights into subject behaviour while providing flexible data selection and reporting tools.

NEW! – Multi-Platform

MotionWare is now available for both Windows and MacOS. Both versions are available to all subscribers.

Actigraphy Data

The MotionWise Actogram window provides a multiple-day, single or double plotted motion graph within a flexible, scalable and scrollable window. The MotionWise window is the key tool for the selection of data for more detailed analysis providing a method.

Detailed View of Graph

For each day containing data a graph is displayed which contains detailed information on activity, marked events and light (if enabled). The black activity bars are the epoch based activity counts that provide a detailed insight into the behaviour of the suvject over time. The yellow ambient light data provide a valuable additional channel for determining lights out / light on and for light exposure in chronobiological studies. The marker button on the MotionWatch 8 allows the subject to mark bed time / get-up time and these data are included in the graph as blue lines.

MotionWare Sleep Analysis: The AutoSleep function will automatically detect and mark the main sleep period for every 24 hours. Sleep Analysis provides key outcomes such as Sleep Latency, WASO, Sleep Efficiency and Sleep Fragmentation.

MotionWare Circadian Rhythm Analysis: Actigraphy is an excellent tool for chronobiological studies providing long-term insights into activity/rest patterns. The MotionWare software includes Non-Parametric Circadian Rhythm Analysis (NPCRA).

MotionWare Physical Activity Analysis: The MotionWatch is typically worn 24/7 providing further insights into daytime physical activity behaviours. With the watch mounted on the wrist, waist, ankle, etc. the software provides MVPA data based upon the proven ‘cut-points’ method.

Cloud Data Manager:  The MotionWare software has integrated tools for the collection and management of data from multiple remote sites in large-scale studies. The encrypted data is uploaded to a secure cloud server under the control of the HQ or sponsor.

Software Compatibility

Our bulk export tools automate the batch export of multiple data files into open text format .CSV files which may be loaded directly into third-party analysis software. Our export files are compatible with Actimetrics ClockLab software providing an advanced tool suite for animal circadian biology analysis. Click or tap here for more information about ClockLab

It is possible to read existing .AWD format files made by some legacy Actiwatch models in to the MotionWare software: The Actiwatch 4, Actiwatch 7, The Actiwatch Mini and Actiwatch Light Plus AWD files are all compatible with MotionWare. CamNtech will give consideration to adding import functionality for unsupported/unlisted actigraphs where customers have large existing data sets – please contact us for more information.

It is also possible to export MotionWatch recordings from MotionWare in the Actiwatch .AWD file format for use in older software such as Sleep Analysis 7. This makes the MotionWatch package retrospectively compatible allowing the user to analyse important recordings in the latest package and to analyse the latest recordings in the legacy software.

All data is fully exportable as comma-delimited text and is stored in an open XML data format.

System Requirements

The MotionWare software is supplied via download (Windows .msi and MacOS .dmg) and contains all of the components required to install the software package.

Windows: The following are the minimum recommended requirements of a host Windows PC for installing the MotionWare software:

  • Windows 8 or 10 32 or 64bit operating systems.
  • IBM compatible 2GHz + processor speed recommended
  • 100 MB hard disk space
  • One free USB port
  • Graphics SVGA(1280 x 1024) recommended
  • Internet connection recommended

MacOS: The following are the minimum recommended requirements of a host MacOS computer for installing the MotionWare software:

  • macOS 10.13 or greater.
  • 500 MB available disk space
  • One free USB port. The MotionWatch will be supplied with a rectangular USB “Type A” cable. You will need a standard adaptor to connect this to some USB-C only devices.

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