Following on from the discontinuation of the Actiwatch and Actigraphy products at the end of 2022, Philips has announced acceleration to the end of support for all Actiwatch products and Actiware software from the end of 2023. This will obviously be disappointing for loyal customers who may have in-warranty devices that may no longer be repaired after 15th February 2024.

The Philips end of support announcement may be viewed here.

Attempting to use third-party devices with Actiware is a dead-end strategy as Actiware will no longer receive updates and could cease functioning following routine Windows updates at any time.

CamNtech were the original inventors of Actiwatch and we are best placed to provide a solution for Actiwatch users.

Our MotionWare software uses algorithms which were implemented in Philips Actiware and our MotionWatch provides epoch based logging over long recording periods using internal algorithms originally conceived for Actiwatch.

Our latest release of MotionWare software provides an updated Philips .csv import function which allows Actiware data to be bulk exported and then loaded directly into MotionWare where it can be re-saved in our open data format.

Our medical devices and software are well proven, reliable and highly regarded in addition to being closely technically related to the Philips Actiwatch range. Devices are manufactured in our ISO13485:2016 certified facility near Cambridge, UK and supported by a global network of experienced distributors.

Please contact us to discuss further how we can help through this transition.

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