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CamNtech provides professional wearable medical devices for objective monitoring of Sleep Quality, Energy Expenditure, Physical Activity, Heart Rate Variability and Patient Reported Outcome.

Founded in 1995, we have established an enviable reputation in the world market for ambulatory monitoring. We pride ourselves in offering first class support to researchers and clinicians around the globe from single devices through to large-scale multi-national clinical trials. 

CamNtech is a privately owned limited company with a strong management team and a debt ratio of around 25%. Unlike our highly leveraged competitors, we will be here to support your projects through economically uncertain times.

Our innovative products have been applied in a broad range of applications and scientific research with hundreds of peer-reviewed publications in our research library.

CamNtech provide complete solutions with our range of validated products having regulatory approvals for major world markets, backed up by our worldwide network of distributors and supported from our Headquarters near Cambridge UK and our USA office in Boerne TX.

Our History


Date Event
Feb 2020 CamNtech launches Bluetooth real time streaming option for the Actiheart 5.
Jan 2020 CamNtech moves to new UK facility at Manor Farm, Fenstanton.
Mar 2019 CamNtech transitions to latest Quality Management System Standard ISO13485:2016
Jan 2019 CamNtech replaces Actiwave Cardio and Actiheart 4 with all new Actiheart 5.
Dec 2018 CamNtech introduces PRO-Diary V model with haptic (vibratory) alerting.
Sep 2018 CamNtech introduces MotionWatch Rugged for veterinary or harsh use applications.
Sep 2017 Mr Gary Ungless, co-founder of CamNtech retires, Mr Howard Smith takes over as Managing Director.
2017 CamNtech launches new Sleep Diary software for use with PRO-Diary
2017 CamNtech launches new secure Cloud Data Manager software (CDM).
May 2015 CamNtech introduces new daytime activity analysis functions for MVPA into MotionWare software.
Dec 2014 CamNtech launches new PLMS analysis software for use with MotionWatch 8
2014 CamNtech achieves full ISO13485:2003 ceritifcation for the design & manufacture of medical devices
2014 MotionWatch and PRO-Diary obtain Australian TGA clearance, Emergo appointed as Australian sponsor.
2014 MotionWatch and PRO-Diary recieve US FDA clearance
Apr 2012 CamNtech launches all-new MotionWatch 8 and MotionWare software for advanced sleep and activity analysis.
Sep 2009  CamNtech launches the PRO-Diary, a new compact wrist worn diary for collecting subjective patient information.
Aug 2008 CamNtech takes over from Cambridge Neurotechnology. Dr Nigel Oakley, co-founder of CNT, retires.
Jun 2008 CamNtech launches the new Actiwave range of waveform recorders at an event in Cambridge.
Apr 2008 Philips Respironics acquires the Actiwatch product range from Cambridge Neurotechnology.
Sep 2007  CNT launches the new Actiwatch AW7; the world’s most advanced Actiwatch.
2003 CNT launches the Actiheart combined heart rate and activity monitor.
2002 CNT wins the Queens Award for Enterprise Innovation.
1996 CNT launches the Actiwatch AW4.
1995 Cambridge Neurotechnology founded by Gary Ungless and Nigel Oakley.

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