Actiheart 5

For ECG, Heart Rate, HRV and Energy Expenditure

Actiheart 5

Light-weight, wearable and fully waterproof for monitoring free living 24/7  …

Actiheart 5

Attaches to the chest with standard ECG electrodes or optional sports strap…

Actiheart 5

Plug-in, user-replaceable signal lead and direct micro USB connection for set-up and download…

Actiheart 5

Incredibly small unobtrusive design for long-term, comfortable wear…


The Actiheart 5 is a wearable, combined single-lead ECG and activity recorder with multiple data endpoints providing a comprehensive personal monitoring device. The latest generation  Actiheart benefits from more than 15 years of research, development and customer feedback to provide a class leading, feature-rich and flexible platform for research in multiple application areas.

The Actiheart 5 provides full waveform, raw data recording of  ECG at up to 1024Hz and tri-axial accelerometry at up to 100Hz. The powerful battery allows long-term recording for up to 14 days in IBI Mode which includes full-waveform acceleration data. The Actiheart 5 replaces both the previous generation Actiheart 4 and the Actiwave Cardio.

The Actiheart uses unique, validated Windows software algorithms based upon a branched model to accurately determine energy expenditure in free-living. The Actiheart has become a benchmark for behavioural research and has been cited in more than 700 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Our Research Library provides a comprehensive list publications that may be filtered by area of interest.



Researchers using Actiheart 5 can now benefit from full ECG analysis using the cloud AI solution from Cardiomatics.

Simply upload the raw ECG data from Actiheart 5 via the intuitive Cardiomatics Dashboard for an automated, accurate interpretation with reports within a few hours.


  Key Features

Full Waveform Recording in All Modes

Tri-Axial Acelerometer

Up to 1024Hz ECG Sample Rate

Up to 100Hz ACC Sample Rate

Raw Data Output – Open Data Format

1Gbit Memory

Record up to 14 days (IBI)

Record 1 week full ECG+ACC

Compact Size: 39.7 x 30.2 x 9.25mm

Plug-in Replacement Lead

Direct USB (Bluetooth 5 LE Option)

Wearing the Actiheart

The Actiheart is worn on the chest typically with standard, self-adhesive ECG electrodes or optionally with an elasticated strap. Skin preparation and correct attachment are important factors in overall recording quality.

Click or tap here for our ‘Wearing the Actiheart‘ page which has more advice and details of skin preparation and device mounting.

Energy Expenditure

The Actiheart was originally developed to meet the needs of large scale epidemiological studies where accurate Energy Expenditure in free living was a requirement. Accelerometers alone can provide an indication of MVPA but are limited by deviations in body mounting location and by the type of exercise undertaken by the subject. A classic example of this limitation is during cycling where an accelerometer attached to the wrist or abdomen would severely underestimate energy expenditure because of limited physical movement.

The Actiheart was the first device of its kind to combine Accelerometry with Heart Rate in a single, lightweight, wearable device. The Actiheart software uses a branched model to determine energy expenditure based upon both Accelerometry and Heart Rate for superior accuracy in free-living.

The Actiheart has become a reference device for researchers with hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and multiple validation studies in diverse cohorts.

Click or tap here for our ‘Actiheart Energy Expenditure‘ page which provides more details of the branched model and advanced software tools for PAEE in free-living.

Heart Rate Variability

It may be commonly assumed that a subject with a heart rate of 60BPM will have a stable heart rhythm equally spread at 1 beat every 1 second. In reality, a physical phenomenen known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV) means that the period between individual beats will vary over time.

HRV provides a very detailed insight into the response of the body’s Autonomic Nervous System to stress and recovery.

By measuring the period between heart beats (know as the Inter Beat Interval or IBI) over long periods, the Actiheart is able to provide researchers with valuable, accurate data for the analysis of HRV.

The Actiheart can record ECG derived IBI for up to 14 days at 1mS resolution and the Actiheart software provides access to the raw data in addition to a range of in built HRV analysis and reporting tools.

Click or tap here for ourHeart Rate Variability‘ page which provides more details of the Actiheart HRV capabilities.

Actiheart Software

The Actiheart software package provides a comprehensive solution allowing device set-up, download, data management and analysis functions.

The software is intuitively partitioned into application areas for Energy Expenditure, ECG, HRV, Activity and Sleep Analysis.

The  software has flexible in-built reporting functions and the raw data and all analysis results may be exported.

Click or tap here for our ‘Actiheart Software‘ which page provides full details of the Actiheart Software capabilities.

Note: The Actiheart 5 software is not currently macOS compatible.

Research Library

With more than 700 peer-reviewed publications, the Actiheart has become a reference for scientific research and Epidemiological studies.  Our research library provides search and filter tools to rapidly locate your area of interest.

View cutting edge scientific research publications

View Actiheart Validation Papers

Technical Specifications
Actiheart 5 Specifications
Size (mm) 39.7 x 30.3 x 9.25      ex. cable
Weight 10.5 grams ex. cable
Accelerometer Tri-axial,  +/- 8g
ECG 10mV p-p, 0.05-55Hz
Resolution 10 bits (ECG and ACC)
Recording Time Up to 14 days (IBI)
Memory 1 Gbits non-volatile
Waterproof IPX7 (suitable for fresh water swimming)
Comms Direct – Micro USB
Wireless Bluetooth LE5 (option)
Recording Lengths

The ECG and Accelerometer (ACC) sampling may be set as follows:





IBI : 25Hz 14 days
IBI : 50Hz 8 days
128Hz : 25Hz 6d, 2h
128Hz : 50Hz 4d, 11h
256Hz: 25Hz 3d, 18h
256Hz : 50Hz 3d, 1h
256Hz : 100Hz 2d, 5h
512Hz, 50Hz 1d, 21h
512Hz : 100Hz 1d, 12h
1024Hz : 100Hz 0d, 22h


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