MotionWatch 8

Actigraphy for Sleep, Chronobiology and Physical Activity

MotionWatch 8

Integrated Light Sensor and Event Marker Button…

MotionWatch 8

Fully waterproof for bathing and swimming – can be worn 24/7…

MotionWatch 8

Direct USB connection – no additional reader required…

MotionWatch 8

Simple Battery Replacement – no downtime for re-charging…

The MotionWatch 8 is the next generation of medical-grade actigraphy watch for the monitoring of sleep, circadian rhythm and physical activity. Trusted by clinical and research professionals around the world, the MotionWatch 8 is one of the leading actigraphy solutions for convenient long-term behavioural monitoring with high patient compliance.

The MotionWatch 8 provides objective outcome measures for research and clinical applications and has been deployed in large scale pharmaceutical clinical trials. The comfortable and robust ergonomic design is one of the smallest and lightest available making suitable for deployment in paediatric populations or the elderly. Manufactured in our established ISO13485:2016 facility and having multiple regulatory clearances, the MotionWatch has a proven track record for quality and reliability.

CamNtech are pioneers of actigraphy with over 25 years of experience since inventing the first Actiwatch devices. Actigraphy is a well-established method for monitoring of sleep quality and circadian stability. The MotionWatch has been used in cutting edge research for many years and our Research Library provides a comprehensive list of scientific publications citing its use. Our informative training videos provide a great introduction to the set-up and operation of the system.

Core Body Temperature Add-On

The MotionWare software can import the core body temperature data from the BodyCap e-Celsius® system. 

e-Celsius® is a miniaturized electronic ingestible capsule that transmits core temperature data continuously.

For e-Celsius, please Contact BodyCap directly.

  Key Features

Light-weight and waterproof

Fast direct USB transfer

No reader required

Ambient Light Sensor

Event marker button

User replaceable battery

Records for up to three months

Software includes NPCRA

Raw data export options

Optional PLMS Analysis software

Windows & Mac OS compatible

MotionWare Software

The MotionWare Software is a companion software suite that allows for the set-up, download and analysis of data captured with the MotionWatch 8 or MotionWatch Rugged.  Accelerometer data captured with the PRO-Diary may also be analysed with the MotionWare software.

Available for both Windows and Mac OS, the MotionWare software provides device management tools such as battery monitoring in addition to data management tools including flexible report generation and bulk text export.

Motionware also provides a suite of analysis functions for Sleep, Circadian Rhythm, Physical Activity and Ambient light data.

Click or tap for more information about the MotionWare Software 

Cloud Data Ready

The MotionWatch 8 seamlessly integrates with our Cloud Data Manager (CDM) to provide secure patient data collection and management. Individual patient actigraphy data are uploaded to the cloud and synchronised with the central data repository under control of the CRO or sponsor. A range of security features including 256bit encryption ensures data remains safe.

Click or tap for more details of the Cloud Data Manager.

Sleep and Chronobiology

The Sleep Analysis functions within the MotionWare software allows the user to access and analyse data on a full range of sleep and circadian parameters. Building upon the sucess of our legacy Actiwatch system, the software provides advanced tools for determining sleep efficiency, sleep fragmentation, sleep latency and many more actigraphy derived sleep parameters.

The key advantage of the MotionWatch for sleep monitoring is the unobtrusive nature of the device leading to a true reflection of the subjects’ behaviour in their own home environment.

Actigraphy is also an ideal tool for examining circadian stability and chronobiology as it is possible to obtain long term recordings with high patient compliance.

The Motionwatch incorporates an in-built light sensor to monitor light exposure and the MotionWare software incorporates Non-Parametric Circadian Rhythm Analysis (NPCRA) for quantifying circadian stability. This method has been found to be superior to cosinor analysis when applied to actigraphy data.

Click or tap here for more information on Sleep Analysis functions or chronobiology functions.

Physical Activity Monitoring

The Physical Activity Analysis  function of the MotionWare Software can be used to record daytime physical activity and report on sedentary behaviour and levels of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA). The MotionWare software incorporates in-built tools for the classification, quantification and reporting of MVPA from actigraphy data.

This data can be used  for a wide variety of applications e.g. as an indicator of a particular lifestyle, to monitor the effects on mobility of a medical condition or efficacy of its treatment, or to identify irregular activity patterns for assesment of sleep quality.

Click or tap for more information about Physical Activity Analysis

Research Library

The MotionWatch 8 has been used extensively in clinical and scientific research applications. Our research library provides search and filter tools to rapidly locate your area of interest.

Browse all MotionWatch Scientific Research Publications

MotionWatch Sleep Publications

MotionWatch Chronobiology Publications

MotionWatch Physical Activity Publications

Technical Specifications
MotionWatch 8 Specifications
Size (mm) 36(l) x 28.2(w) x 9.4(d) excluding strap
Weight 9.1 grams (including battery, excluding strap)
Sensor Tri-axial, MEMs technology, 0.01 to 8g, 3-11Hz
Battery CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell
Battery Life 3 Months typical, simple user replacement
Memory 4 Mbits non-volatile (120 days @ 1min epoch)
Waterproof IPX7 (suitable for fresh water swimming)
Event Marker Yes – with visual feedback
Epochs 1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60 seconds
Comms Micro USB, generic drivers
Download Full memory in approx 50 seconds
Strap Bespoke XL 12mm silicone (245mm overall length)
Integral Light Sensor
Type Digital – human eye response optimised.
Range Automatic ranging; 0 to 64000lux
Resolution 0.25lux (0-1000 lux range)
Sampling 1 sample/s averaged over epoch
Recording Times

With Light Recording Disabled

Epoch Rec Time
1s 3 days
2s 6 days
5s 15 days
15s 45 days
30s 91 days
60s 91 days

With Light Recording Enabled

Epoch Rec Time
1s 1.5 days
2s 3 days
5s 7 days
15s 22 days
30s 45 days
60s 91 days

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The MotionWatch is also available in a ruggedized, all-metal casing suitable for harsh environments or veterinary applications. Two mounting options are avaialble (wrist and loop):

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The MotionWatch 8 can be used with the Optional PLMS software package for the detection of Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep:

PLMS Software


Where subjective data collection is important, the PRO-Diary offers the same actigraphy solution as the Motionwatch 8 with the addition of an electronic patient diary:



For veterinary applications with small animals, the Actiwatch Mini is the smallest actigraphy solution currently avaialble:

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