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The Windows PRO-Diary software provides an integrated solution for the creation of your own questions, questionnaires and schedules. Select from multiple question types and create simple or complex multi-path questionnaires with flexible fixed, random or on-demand scheduling.

The process begins with creating a set of questions which may be selected from multiple question types. The questions can be created in any language as per the locale of the host PC; the PRO-Diary will prompt in the selected language. The intuitive user interface show the structure of the questions and provides a visual indication of how the questions will appear on the device.

The PRO-Diary set-up software now includes the Sleep Diary software at no additional cost.


The second step is to create the questionnaire by linking together the questions that you created previously. The questionnaire can be a simple list of questions with fixed order or can include conditional branches to follow a different path depending upon the question outcome. The questionnaire can include up to 256 questions and individual questions can be easily copied for re-use in similar questionnaires.


The final step is to create the schedule. The PRO-Diary software provides options to prompt the user at fixed intervals (i.e. several times per day, once per day etc.). There are also options to allow prompting at a random time within a fixed period. The schedule can also be set-up for on-demand use where the subject can answer the questions whenever they choose. It is also possible to program a different questionnaire for different times of the day (e.g. morning and evening questionnaires). Motion recording can also be selected to capture actigraphy data while the device is worn thus providing valuable insights into physical activity, circadian rhythm and sleep.


One or more PRO-Diary devices may then be set-up with the scheduled questionnaire and will begin prompting from the first programmed time.


Downloading results from the PRO-Diary

One of the major advantages of the PRO-Diary over other methods of capturing subjective patient data is the ability to download data easily and avoid the need to transcribe results.

Once data collection is complete, simply plugging in the PRO-Diary to the computer using the supplied micro USB cable allows data to be downloaded to the results viewer. From here it can be exported to the clipboard for importing into any third party analysis program such as SAS or SPSS.

Note: The PRO-Diary software is not currently macOS compatible.



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