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The PRO-Diary combines Actigraphy with an electronic Patient Diary in a single light-weight, wrist-worn device. The subject will be prompted by audible or vibratory alerts to provide subjective responses using the touch-sensitive user interface.

The questions, questionnaires and alerting schedule are fully customizable and questions can be presented in any language. The built-in accelerometer ensures that objective endpoints such as sleep quality and physical activity are collected simultaneously.

This convenient, patient-centric approach ensures that the device integrates with the subjects lifestyle, improves engagement and provides timely and accurate data. Please visit our e-PRO area for more information about self-reporting.

CamNtech are pioneers of wearable technology with 25 years of experience since inventing the first Actiwatch devices. Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) removes the limitations of retrospective self-reporting by capturing behavioural data in the moment. The PRO-Diary has been used in a diverse range of EMA studies over many years and our Research Library provides a comprehensive list of scientific publications citing its use.

  Key Benefits

Subjective and Objective data

Sleep and Activity Data

Ecological Momentary Assessment

High compliance vs paper diary

Up to 4 weeks battery life

Multiple question types

Flexible questionnaires

Scheduled or on demand alerts

Open data format

Touch sensitive controls

Clear, bright OLED display

How Does it Work?

The PRO–Diary user interface consists of a touch sensitive ‘slider’, two touch sensitive buttons and an ultra–clear OLED screen. The subject is then prompted by audible (or optionally vibratory) alerts according to the programmed schedule.

Questions are programmed with the easy–to–use PC based software then uploaded to the device via USB. The PRO–Diary can ask questions of eight different types; please see the questions page for more information on the different formats. Once completed, questions are downloaded to PC and can be analysed within the software and then exported to third party programmes if required. Please see the results page for more information. The PRO-Diary contains a tri-axial accelerometer to capture objective behavioural motion data concurrent with the subjective question data.

With motion logging enabled, the PRO-Diary can record with a range of epochs for up to 14 days, assuming 10 minutes of questionnaire interface time per day. If motion logging is not selected, the PRO-Diary can record for up to 28 days, assuming 10 minutes of interface time per day. Questionnaire data can be downloaded and viewed within the PRO-Diary software. Motion data can be analysed for sleep, circadian rhythm and physical activity using the MotionWare Software.

Questions and Questionnaires

The PRO-Diary system offers full flexibility to create your own questions and arrange the questions into questionnaires. The PRO-Diary has eight basic question types which may be configured using the PRO-Diary software:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)
  • List
  • Enter a Number
  • Enter a Time
  • Simple Message
  • Free Text
  • Likert Scale

The questions may be created/displayed in any language and the questionnaires may contain conditional branches.

Fully flexible scheduling allows the alerts to prompt the subject at any desired time with the option to present different questionnaires at different times of the day (e.g. a morning and an evening questionnaire). 

Please click or tap here to view examples of the question types and for more information about the questionnaries and schedules.

PRO-Diary Software

The PRO-Diary software is a fully integrated solution that provides data management, flexible questionnaire configuration, data download and device management tools. The PRO-Diary device communicates with the software via the on-board micro USB connection which allows rapid data transfer for set-up and download. The software provides output in open data format for entry into common data analysis tools such as SAS or SPSS. Note: The PRO-Diary software is not currently macOS compatible.

Click or tap here to view more information about the PRO-Diary software.

Actigraphy - MotionWare

The PRO-Diary incorporates an accelerometer which may be set to monitor the physical activity of the subject continuously. This data provides further insights into subject behaviour with valuable endpoints such as sleep quality, circadian rhythm stability and physical activity levels. The activity data may be analysed in our comprehensive MotionWare Software Package.

Sleep Diary Software

The Sleep Diary software is supplied with the standard PRO-Diary software and provides a rapid route to setting up a sleep and alertness questionnaire. Using the PRO-Diary hardware, the Sleep Diary is a software package that provides an integrated solution for sleep studies requiring both questionnaire and actigraphy data.

Click or tap here for More information…

Training Videos

The PRO-Diary software has a suite of training videos designed to quickly familiarise users with the key steps in creating questionnaires and managing data.

Click or tap here to view the training videos…

Research Library

The PRO-Diary has been used in numerous clinical and scientific research applications. Our research library provides search and filter tools to rapidly locate your area of interest.

View PRO-Diary scientific research publications

View PRO-Diary EMA publications

Technical Specifications
PRO-Diary Specifications
Size (mm) 51(l) x 34(w) x 8(d) excluding strap
Weight 16 grams (excluding strap)
Sensor MEMs technology, 0.01 to 8g, 3-11Hz
Battery Life Up to 30 days*
Memory 4 Mbits non-volatile
Waterproof Splashproof – IP44
Epochs 1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60 seconds
Comms Micro USB, direct
Questions Up to 256 questions per questionnaire
Strap 18mm nylon weave – other options available

* Depends upon questionnaire length/use

Recording Times
    The recording times will vary depending upon the length and frequency of the questionnaires. The following information provides some guidance on battery life vs recording times.
  • With Activity ON, the battery will last about 2 weeks irrespective of epoch as the accelerometer takes some power.
  • At a 1 second epoch, it should be possible to record activity and simple questions for two weeks – this will also fill the memory.
  • Longer epochs fill the memory more slowly, but the battery limit still exists.
  • With Activity OFF, the battery life is longer and should run for 1 month with a typical questionnaire.
  • The question data requires very little memory so theoretically the memory would not fill up for a very long time (years!).
  • It is possible to recharge the battery without setting up again so you could record beyond the 2 week/ 1 month battery limit.
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The MotionWatch 8 is recommended for applications where the Patient Diary functionality is not required. The MotionWatch is a small, light-weight and fully waterproof actigraph providing key endpoints for sleep, chronobiology and physical activity:

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