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Collar Mounting, Ultra-miniature Veterinary Actigraph…


Incredibly Small, Lightweight and Waterproof Veterinary Actigraph…


Bluetooth LE5 set-up and download, USB charging with NanoDock…

The Nano is an all-new, ultra-miniature Actigraph specifically designed for the non-invasive monitoring of animals in veterinary applications. Its tiny size means that it can be used to record sleep, activity and circadian rhythm on animals of all sizes.

The Nano is a collar mounted device containing a tri-axial accelerometer which records physical movement and temperature for up to 90 days which may then be wirelessly downloaded to a PC for analysis. The fully waterproof miniature case is constructed of robust aluminium alloy and tough plastic end cap providing reliable data capture in the harshest of conditions.

The Nano may also be set up for scheduled downloads which allows the data to be extracted without disturbing the animal which greatly reduces handling time and stress.

The Nano uses our MotionWare software package which includes tools for the analysis of sleep, circadian rhythm, and physical activity providing key objective endpoints for veterinary research.

The Nano is recharged using the USB-C powered NanoDock which also enables Bluetooth for set-up and download. A 6 position Nano MultiDock is also available to facilitate simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

The Nano replaces our legacy Actiwatch Mini which had been in service since 2006. The Nano has an Actiwatch Mini compatible recording mode to closely match the counts from the legacy device.

The Nano is not intended for human use (i.e. it is not a medical device) – please consider MotionWatch 8.

  Key Features

Collar-worn, ultra ight-weight

Robust and waterproof

Record for 90 days @ 30s epoch

Bluetooth Setup & Download

Scheduled downloads

Rechargeable battery

Ambient temperature logging

Sleep, circadian rhythm and PA endpoints

Software includes NPCRA

MotionWare Software

The MotionWare Software is a companion software suite that allows for the set-up, download and analysis of data captured with the Nano.

The Nano device manager allows the Nano to be set-up for a new recording in either long-term (Bluetooth OFF) or scheduled mode whereby Bluetooth is enabled for specific periods to allow remote download.

Available for both Windows and Mac OS*, the MotionWare software provides device management tools such as battery monitoring in addition to data management tools including flexible report generation and bulk text export.

MotionWare also provides a suite of analysis functions for Sleep, Circadian Rhythm, Physical Activity and Ambient light data.

Click or tap for more information about the MotionWare Software 


*Contact us for information regarding MacOS compatibility with the Nano

Resources and Downloads
Technical Specifications
Nano Specifications
Size (mm) Dia 16 x 16.75
Weight 5.2 grams
Sensor tri-axial,  +/-8g
Resolution 12 bits
Temperature Accuracy +/-2°C (-5°C to + 35°C)
Battery Life Up to 90 days
Battery Rechargeable
Memory 4Mbits, non-volatile
Waterproof IP67
Epoch Range 1s, 2s, 5s, 15s, 30s or 60s
Comms Bluetooth LE5
Data Output .MTN and .CSV


Recording Times



    1 sec 3 days
    2 sec 6 days
    5 sec 15 days
    15 sec 45 days
    30 sec 90 days
    60 sec 90 days


    Accessories and Related Products

    The NanoDock is required to allow battery charging and to enable wireless data transfer for configuration and download of one or more Nano devices. The NanoDock uses a standard USB-C cable and USB charger:


    The MultiDock provides a compact and convenient solution for simultaneous charging of up to six Nano devices. It is possible to communicate with individual devices wirelessley once docked. The MultiDock uses a standard USB-C cable and USB charger:


    For larger animals such as sheep or horses, the MotionWatch Rugged is recommended. The tough, all-metal casing is suitable for harsh environments and the device offers tri-axial recording and compatibility with the MotionWare software package:

    MotionWatch Rugged


    The MotionWatch 8 is recommended for clinical applications. The MotionWatch is a small, light-weight and fully waterproof actigraph providing key endpoints for sleep, chronobiology and physical activity:motionwatch lrg

    MotionWatch 8


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