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The Actiheart software provides a fully integrated suite of tools including setup, download, data analysis and management tools for the Actiheart device. The data analysis modules include Energy Expenditure, Heart Rate Variability, Full Waveform, Long Term and Sleep. 

The new Actiheart 5 software has been re-written using the latest software development platform for Windows and also provides support for legacy Actiheart 4 and Actiwave Cardio devices. All analysis functions utilise an intuitive graphical user interface and all raw and analysed data may be exported in open format. Note: the Actiheart 5 software is currently not macOS compatible.

Signal Test

Allows the ECG R-Wave level to be tested to confirm good skin contact of the electrodes. Recommended before all important recordings. 


The signal test window provides a full R-wave view in addition to a signal scan function which automatically inspects the signal and noise levels to determine pass/fail through the entire recording thus providing a clear indication of overall signal quality.

HRV Analysis

For users that require recordings for detailed HRV analysis. Every IBI is recorded in addition to tri-axial activity.

The Actiheart is designed for Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring by provision of high-resolution Inter-beat Interval (IBI) measurements over extended periods up to 14 days.

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Long-term Analysis

The long term recording mode is optimised for lower-resolution analysis of longer time periods of up to two weeks.


The Long Term window provides a graphical display of BPM and IBI Min-Max for each day. When the Actiheart 5 is set up in Long Term mode, it will track every single IBI and full accelerometer waveform. Tools allow for the selection, analysis, marking and claeaning of data. Results and raw data can be exported and the circadian components of the HR and activity can also be exported. The example below shows 24 hours of data from a 14 day recording.

Full Waveform

View and analyse high resolution Actiheart 5 recordings including ECG, Acceleration, Heart Rate, IBI, Activity and Body Position.


The Full Waveform window provides a multi-trace display containing full ECG (depending upon recording mode), acceleration (x, y, and z axis waveform), BPM, IBI and in indication of body position throughout the recording.

Sleep Analysis

Analysis functions such as sleep staging and apnoea screeing based upon HR and activity data. These functions are for research purposes only.


The sleep analysis window allows a 24 hour period to be analysed with a range of tools including Sleep Statistics, Sleep Staging, Apnoea Screening and Spectrogram. The Sleep analysis tools are intended for research only.

Daily Energy Expenditure

Provides a day-by-day summary of Energy Expenditure using the selected model. This mode is useful for comparing EE over several days.


The focus of the Daily Energy Expenditure analysis is to provide a simplified display with minimal options to allow a rapid determination of daily TEE.

Click or tap here to view more details of Actiheart Energy Expenditure.

Advanced Energy Expenditure

Provides a detailed Energy Expenditure analysis and allows parameters such as REE, HRmax and sleeping HR to be set. The Energy Expenditure calculation mode may also be selected.


The Advanced Energy Expenditure module allows a detailed day-by-day analysis with research tools with functions such as editing of individual calibration, setting of HRmax, setting of sleeping HR and selection of branched model paramiters.

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Step Test

Designed for individual calibration of Energy Expenditure by leading the wearer through an 8 minute step test of steadily increasing intensity while capturing movement and heart rate.


Designed for individual calibration of Energy Expenditure using any Actiheart, by leading the Actiheart wearer through an 8 minute step test of steadily increasing intensity while capturing movement and heart rate.

Looking for Arrhythmia Analysis? – The Actiheart 5 raw ECG data can be analysed using the Cardiomatics cloud AI system.

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The raw data is held in an underlying database and can be edited within the software with full traceability without compromising the integrity of the original data. It is possible to view and manipulate the heart rate, heart rate variability, activity and energy expenditure data and to export all the raw data to the clipboard for importing into any third party program such as Excel or SPSS.

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