The Actiheart 5 BT is now available and includes Bluetooth communications allowing real-time full waveform ECG and Tri-Axial Activity to be viewed in the new ‘Live view’ window while simultaneously recording the data. The Bluetooth functionality is ideal for performing step tests and may also remove the need for a separate signal test.


An indication of BPM is displayed and the window time scale can be selected between 10s and 60s.

Multiple devices can be viewed simultaneously, each with its own ‘Live View’ window.

The Bluetooth model is an option at the time of purchase and this update is the first step in a host of new wireless functionality planned for CamNtech products.

The Actiheart 5 BT connects to a Bluetooth enabled host PC running Windows 10. The system is not currently supported by mobile devices.


Key Features:

  • Full ECG Waveform data streaming @ 256Hz.
  • Full Tri-axial accelerometer data streaming @ 50Hz.
  • Bluetooth 5 ‘Low Energy’ for low power operation.
  • Requires Windows 10.


Live View Window:

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