Actiwatch Mini

Ultra-miniature Veterinary Actigraphy

Actiwatch Mini

Collar Mounting, Ultra-miniature Veterinary Actigraph…

Actiwatch Mini

Incredibly Small, Lightweight and Waterproof Veterinary Actigraph…

Actiwatch Reader

Telemetric Data Transfer for Contact Free Set-up and Data Download…


The all new MotionWatch Nano is a replacement for the Actiwatch Mini

The Actiwatch Mini is an ultra-miniature Actigraph specifically designed for the non-invasive monitoring of animals in veterinary applications. Its small size means that it can be used to record sleep, activity and circadian rhythm on animals of all sizes.

The Actiwatch Mini is a collar mounted device containing a single axis accelerometer which records physical movement for up to 90 days which may then be downloaded to a PC for analysis. 

The Actiwatch Mini software package includes tools for the analysis of sleep, circadian rhythm, and physical activity providing key objective endpoints for veterinary research. Note: The Actiwatch Mini software is not currently MacOS compatible.

The Actiwatch Mini is NOT available for human use – please consider MotionWatch 8.

  Key Features

Collar-worn, ultra ight-weight actigraph

Robust and waterproof

Record for up to 90 days @ 1m epoch

Telemetric data transfer

User replaceable battery

Sleep, circadian rhythm and PA endpoints

Software includes NPCRA

Raw data export options


The Actiwatch Sleep Analysis 7 software provides a comprehensive suite of tools for device configuration, data analysis and management. The software includes functions for sleep, circadian rhythm and physical activity analysis in addition to reporting and data export options. The software facilitates USB communication with the Actiwatch Reader and is compatible with Windows 10 32/64bit computers (Not macOS).


Resources and Downloads
Technical Specifications
AW-Mini Specifications
Size (mm) Dia 24 x 7.7
Weight 7.5 grams
Sensor uni-axial,  +/-5g
Resolution 8 bits
Battery Life Up to 300 days
Memory 128kB non-volatile
Waterproof IP67
Epoch Range 2s – 15min
Comms Actiwatch Reader – USB
Data Output Generic .AWD and .CSV


Recording Times



    2 sec 72 hours
    5 sec 180 hours
    10 sec 15 days
    15 sec 22.5 days
    30 sec 45 days
    60 sec 90 days


    Related Products
    The Actiwatch Mini system requires an Actiwatch Reader to allow telemetric data transfer for configuration and download of one or more Actiwatch Mini devices. The Actiwatch Reader connects to the PC via a standard USB cable:


    For larger animals such as sheep or horses, the MotionWatch Rugged is recommended. The tough, all-metal casing is suitable for harsh environments and the device offers tri-axial recording and compatibility with the MotionWare software package:

    MotionWatch Rugged


    The MotionWatch 8 is recommended for human applications where the Actiwatch Mini is unavailable due to licensing restrictions. The MotionWatch is a small, light-weight and fully waterproof actigraph providing key endpoints for sleep, chronobiology and physical activity:motionwatch lrg

    MotionWatch 8


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