Actiheart Cited in Guide to the Assessment of Physical Activity– American Heart Foundation. 


This very informative paper examines current technologies and their application to measurement of Physical Activity. The Actiheart is cited in table 7 as a ‘Multisensing Tool’ i.e. a device that combines more than one measurement parameter. The Actiheart is in fact the only sensor cited that combines Heart Rate with activity and, using advanced branched modelling, provides accurate energy expenditure measurement in free-living. The paper also highlights the limitations of using ONLY accelerometer data to attempt to measure energy expenditure (i.e. cannot account for all activities, upper body activities neglected with lower body wear, data reduction, transformation and processing take time). Furthermore the Actiheart is FDA cleared (Class II) and CE marked (Class 2a) for clinical applications.

Guide to the Assessment of Physical Activity: Clinical and Research Applications: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association (link to paper)

Scott J. Strath, Leonard A. Kaminsky, Barbara E. Ainsworth, Ulf Ekelund, Patty S. Freedson, Rebecca A. Gary, Caroline R. Richardson, Derek T. Smith and Ann M. Swartz


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