Although the relationships among physical disability, mood disorders, and pain are well described in multiple sclerosis (MS), little is known about whether those symptoms are associated with sleep disturbances.
Forty-six patients with MS experiencing pain participated. Sleep was indirectly measured by assessing rest-activity rhythm via actigraphy: interdaily stability, intradaily variability, and relative amplitude. Pain was assessed using visual and verbal analog scales, mood by the Beck Depression Inventory and Symptom Checklist-90, and physical disability by the Expanded Disability Status Scale.
Incorporating mood, pain, and physical disability into 1 regression model resulted in a significant association with interdaily stability.
Compared with intradaily variability and relative amplitude, interdaily stability seems to be the most vulnerable actigraphy variable for mood disturbances, pain, and physical disabilities.

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Journal: International Journal of MS Care. 2023 Mar 8

Keywords: Circadian rhythm, disability, mood, multiple sclerosis, NPCRA, pain, rest-activity rhythm,

Applications: Chronobiology,

CamNtech Reference: M23033

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