The purpose of this systematic review and meta-analysis is to delineate the concordance of objective and subjective measures of sleep in children with neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs). A systematic literature search identified 31 studies that compare objective and subjective estimates of sleep parameters in autism, ADHD or rare genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability. The meta-analyses revealed smaller mean differences and larger correlations indicative of greater concordance for parameters associated with sleep scheduling compared to parameters associated with sleep duration and night awakenings. Relative to objective measures, subjective measures produced: 1) greater estimates of total sleep time, sleep efficiency and time in bed; and 2) lower estimates of wake after sleep onset and number of night awakenings. Subgroup analyses also revealed differences in concordance between measurement comparison types (e.g., stronger correlations between actigraphy and sleep diaries, compared to actigraphy and questionnaires) and NDC diagnostic groups. The results predominantly replicate concordance trends observed in typically-developing samples, although some NDC-specific patterns of concordance were identified. This indicates that objective and subjective sleep measures retain broadly similar properties across populations, although researchers and clinicians should be cautious of the impact of NDC-related characteristics on sleep parameter estimates. These findings should inform sleep assessment design and the interpretation of sleep parameter estimates in NDCs, increasing the rigour of sleep parameter description across research and clinical settings.

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Journal: Sleep Medicine Reviews. 2023 Jun 29:101814

Keywords: ADHD, adolescents, autism, children, meta-analysis, neurodevelopmental conditions, rare genetic syndromes, Sleep,

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