Actiwave Motion

Raw Data Accelerometry with High Resolution

Actiwave Motion

Raw Data, tri-axial accelerometry with up to 100Hz sample rate…

Actiwave Motion

Ultra-miniature and lightweight with multiple mounting options…


6 port interface dock for set-up, download and battery charging…


The Actiwave Motion is a tri-axial, raw data accelerometry recorder in an ultra-miniature wearable package. At just 27.6 x 24.6 x 8.4mm and weighing less than 6 grams, the Actiwave Motion is the smallest, lightest full waveform recorder currently available.

The Actiwave Motion is designed for high resolution physical movement monitoring and is available with a range of comfortable, quick release mountings to suit upper arm, hip, thigh, ankle etc. A full range of mountings are available from our Accessories Store.

The diminutive size means that the Actiwave Motion can be comfortably placed virtually anywhere on subjects of all sizes and age groups for behavioural monitoring in free-living.

CamNtech are pioneers of wearable technology with 25 years of experience since inventing the first Actiwatch devices. High resolution accelerometry has applications in detailed analysis of specific types of physical movement. The Actiwave has been used in a diverse range of research studies over many years and our Research Library provides a comprehensive list of scientific publications citing its use.

  Key Benefits

Full waveform accelerometry

Raw data output

Open data format

Tri-axial accelerometer

Ultra-compact size and weight

Posture detection

Up to 100Hz sample rate

Up to 7 days recording time

Flexible mounting options

Re-chargeable battery

6 port charger dock

Body Mounting Options

The Actiwave Motion may be mounted on the body by means of a moulded cover that provides both protection and mounting points for straps. A range of different length mounting straps may be used depending upon the preferred body position for your study protocol.

Waist Mount – our long elasticated waist mounting strap provides a convenient method for mounting the Actiwave at the waist. The waist is a good location for whole body movement in free-living.

Thigh or Upper Arm – our medium length elasticated mounting strap provides a convenient method for mounting the Actiwave on the thigh or upper arm. The thigh is a good location to detect whole body movement in addition to postural information as it is possible to determine when the subject is sitting, standing or laying down. The upper arm is a good location for whole body movement and can be more comfortable and less obtrusive than the waist.

Ankle – our short length elasticated mounting strap provides a convenient method for mounting the Actiwave on the ankle. This is a good location for measurement of gait in addition to providing great insights into limb cycle and impact.

Actiwave mounting accessories are avaialble from our Accessories store.

Software and Data

The Actiwave Motion System is supplied with CamNtech Actiwave Setup Software which allows communication with the devices via the USB MotionDock interface. Data output is provided in standard .csv or .EDF format which may then be loaded into a third party software package for analysis.

  • Used to configure, download and manage the Actiwave Motion
  • Also used to control the Actiwave charging function
  • Files are downloaded in EDF+ or CSV for viewing in a range of analysis software packages

Note: The Actiwave software is not currently macOS compatible.

By using an open data format (EDF+) to transfer the data, CamNtech has made the Actiwave Motion compatible with a large range of other software analysis packages:

VivoSense –

Polyman –

Biopac website –

Sciworks from Datawave –

Technical Specifications
PRO-Diary Specifications
Size (mm) 27(l) x 25(w) x 8.5(d)
Weight 5.6 grams
Sensor MEMs, tri-axial,  +/-8g
Resolution 10 bits
Battery Life Up to 7 days
Memory 64MB non-volatile
Waterproof Splashproof – IP42
Sample Rates 25Hz – 100Hz
Comms MotionDock – 6 ports
Data Output Raw Data EDF+ and CSV


Recording Times
    Sample Rate



    25Hz 7 days
    32Hz 6d, 11h
    50Hz 4d, 3h
    64Hz 3d, 5h
    100Hz 2d, 1h


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