This article expands the presentation made at SENSORDEVICES 2018. The Author makes available to the public one year of wrist actimetry in real life, stored at one second epochs. The technical details of the system used (Motionwatch8) are described and they show why quantitative methodologies applied to actigraphy are tied to the system used for data acquisition. A first evaluation of that data calls for new ways for actimetry analysis and actigraphy display. Most of the values recorded are equal to zero and therefore the information they provide is a main target for actigraphy analysis. It is explained the difference of the quantity of zeros epochs when one second and one minute epochs are used. Series analysis and percent of zeros parameters are proposed and exemplified. In particular, the analysis of series is a new area of studies for actigraphy because it changes the meaning of the data recorded. The daily pattern of series is constant along the year and the importance of long zero-series is underlined: that small percent of lengths are not distributed randomly. The analysis of series also suggested the idea that the couples of series, not the single series, could be functionally similar and a actigraphy “pulse” analysis could be worthwhile to further evaluate. The percent of zeros parameter is applied to long and short time intervals and they could be a complementary tool for wake-sleep studies. The research described in this article is a ground breaking type of work that creates new questions more than providing answers, but it already offers new insights on actigraphy data.

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Journal: International Journal On Advances in Life Sciences; volume 11; numbers 1 and 2; 2019

Keywords: Chronobiology, network physiology, Rhythms, Sleep, symbolic dynamics,

Applications: Sleep,

CamNtech Reference: M19066

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