BACKGROUND: Actigraphy is commonly used to assist sleep specialists in the diagnosis of sleep disorders. In this study, a new actigraph MotionWatch including new digital accelerometer and allowing tri-axial recording has been tested. The MotionWatch is a small, low energy, light-weight, waterproof device and direct USB connected.
STUDY OBJECTIVES: Comparison of sleep parameters values : Total Sleep Time (TST), Sleep Latency (SL), Sleep efficiency (SE), Wake After Sleep Onset (WASO), Awakenings (AW) obtained by all-night polysomnography (PSG) and actigraphy (ACT) MotionWatch (MW8, CamNtech Ltd.)
POPULATION: Clinical 54 consecutive adults (33 ♀, 21 ♂, mean age of 53 +/- 16 years) with suspected sleep disorders (22 Sleep Apnea Syndrome, 20 Insomnia, 8 had Hypersomnia , 4 Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) adressed to the Hotel Dieu Sleep Center and 19 consecutive healthy volunteers participants (9 ♂, 10 ♀, mean age of 28 +/- 5 years).
METHODS: One night of recording with simultaniously : – PSG: Brainnet (BR-MEDATEC), Brainnet analysis software – ACT : MotionWatch- (MW-CamNtech)
CONCLUSION: This new actigraph MW8 show a good accuracy and our study validate it for measuring TST, SE and SL comparing to PSG. However, sleep parameters like WASO and AW measurements show no clear agreement and are still to be improved. Epoch by epoch comparison will be done to complete our validation.

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Journal: J Sleep Res. 2012 Sep 1;21(Suppl 1):218

Keywords: PSG, Sleep, TST, validity, WASO,

Applications: Sleep,

CamNtech Reference: M12001

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