Mechanically ventilated (MV) patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) often experience disturbed sleep and profound inactivity.

The aim of this study was to report 5 consecutive days’ descriptive analyses on sleep efficiency (SE), total sleep time (TST), daytime activity ratio (DAR), and hourly activity counts among critically ill MV adults from 9 ICUs across 2 hospitals.

A secondary analysis was undertaken from our parent National Institutes of Health–funded randomized controlled trial (NIH R01 NR016702). Subjects included 31 critically ill patients from multiple ICUs. Wrist actigraphy estimated SE and TST. Mean DAR, an indicator of altered sleep-wake cycles, was calculated. Continuous 24-hour activity counts over 5 consecutive days were summarized. Descriptive analyses were used.

A total of 31 subjects with complete actigraphy data were included. Mean age was 59.6 (SD, 17.3) years; 41.9% were male; 83.9% were White, and 67.7% were Hispanic/Latino; and the mean APACHE III (Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation III) severity of illness score was 74.5 (SD, 25.5). The mean nighttime SE and TST over the 5-day ICU period were 83.1% (SD, 16.14%) and 6.6 (SD, 1.3) hours, respectively. The mean DAR over the 5-day ICU period was 66.5% (SD, 19.2%). The DAR surpassed 80% on only 17.5% of subject days. The majority of subjects’ activity level was low, falling below 1000 activity counts per hour.

Our study revealed poor rest-activity cycle consolidation among critically ill MV patients during the early ICU period. Future interventional studies should promote quality sleep at nighttime and promote mobilization during the daytime.

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Journal: Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 2021 Jan 1;40(1):29-35

Keywords: critical illness, ICU, Physical Activity, randomised controlled trial, Sleep,

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