The purpose of the current study was to test for gender differences among residents living in assisted living settings. This was a secondary data analysis using data from the first 64 facilities participating in the ongoing Function Focused Care for Assisted Living study using the Evidence Integration Triangle (FFC-AL-EIT). A total of 593 residents were recruited. Differences by gender with regard to function, physical activity, falls, total number of medications, and satisfaction with assisted living were tested using multivariate analysis of variance. There were 166 (28%) men and 427 (72%) women with a mean age of 88 (SD = 7.5 years). Participants had five (SD = 2) comorbidities and took on average 6.88 medications (SD = 3.47). Participants had moderate functional impairment with a mean of 64.13 (SD = 19.09) on the Barthel Index and engaged in 43.8 (SD = 76.12) minutes daily of moderate level physical activity. Women reported higher satisfaction with activities (4.32 [SD = 1.14]) than men (3.85 [SD = 1.51]), and women received more medications than men (7.09 [SD = 3.51] vs. 6.34 [SD = 3.31]). Current study findings suggest that deprescribing may be particularly important for women versus men and focusing on expanding activity options to include those preferred by men should be considered in assisted living settings.

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Journal: Research in gerontological nursing. 2019 Oct 9

Keywords: falls, function, gender difference, older adults,

Applications: Physical Activity,

CamNtech Reference: M19029

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