Psychotic disorders as well as psychosis proneness in the general population have been associated with perceptual instability, suggesting weakened predictive processing. Sleep disturbances play a prominent role in psychosis and schizophrenia, but it is unclear whether perceptual stability diminishes with sleep deprivation, and whether the effects of sleep deprivation differ as a function of psychosis proneness. In the current study, we aimed to clarify this matter. In this preregistered study, 146 participants successfully completed an intermittent version of the random dot kinematogram (RDK) task and the 21-item Peters Delusion Inventory (PDI-21) to assess perceptual stability and psychosis proneness, respectively. Participants were randomized to sleep either as normal (8 to 9 h in bed) (n = 72; Mage = 24.7, SD = 6.2, 41 women) or to stay awake through the night (n = 74; Mage = 24.8, SD = 5.1, 44 women). Sleep deprivation resulted in diminished perceptual stability, as well as in decreases in perceptual stability over the course of the task. However, we did not observe any association between perceptual stability and PDI-21 scores, nor a tendency for individuals with higher PDI-21 scores to be more vulnerable to sleep-deprivation-induced decreases in perceptual stability. The present study suggests a compromised predictive processing system in the brain after sleep deprivation, but variation in psychosis trait is not related to greater vulnerability to sleep deprivation in our dataset. Further studies in risk groups and patients with psychosis are needed to evaluate whether sleep loss plays a role in the occurrence of objectively measured perceptual-related clinical symptoms.

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Journal: Brain sciences. 2022 Oct 3;12(10):1338

Keywords: perceptual stability, predictive processing, psychosis proneness, random dot kinematogram, Sleep, sleep deprivation,

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CamNtech Reference: M22059

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