The effects of pre-meal whey protein consumption on acute food intake and subsequent energy balance measured over 48-h was investigated in males of healthy-weight (HW) or living with overweight and obesity (OV/OB). On two separate trial days, following a controlled breakfast (09:00) and lunch (13:00), 12 HW and 12 OV/OB males consumed either whey protein (20 g) or flavoured water beverages (16:40), and ad libitum test meal (17:00). A controlled 48-h assessment of energy intake and expenditure was used to determine any compensatory behaviour. Test meal energy intake reduced 15.9 % in HW (P = 0.003), and 17.8 % in OV/OB (P = 0.005) following whey protein, compared to placebo. We report no between-group differences and no changes in compensatory behaviour. A small dose of whey protein reduces energy intake at the next meal, without upregulating compensatory behaviours in both HW and OV/OB males. However, chronic effects on body composition and weight loss remain to be elucidated.

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Journal: Journal of Functional Foods. 2022 Dec 1;99:105308

Keywords: appetite, dietary protein, energy balance, energy expenditure, nutrition, obesity, whey protein,

Applications: Energy Balance,

CamNtech Reference: AH22046

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