This study was aimed to investigate effects of electroacupunture on PC6-Neiguanand PC5-Jianshipointson heart rate and heart rate variability(HRV) in fear emotion. A total of 120 healthy volunteers were randomly allo-cated into the acupuncture group and control group, with 60 cases in each group. After 20 min frightening audiostimulation, volunteers in the acupuncture group received electroacupunture on PC6 and PC5 of both sides for 20 min and continued to repose for 20 min after needles were removed. Volunteers in the control group reposed for 40 min in the waking state. The heart rate and HRV of each subject was recorded during the whole process throughActiheart. The results showed that the experiment data was divided into two parts, rate rise and decreased or un-changed parts, after listening to audio and analyzed, respectively. Compared to the period of listening for 20 min,there were significant differences on average heart rate, HF, LF/HF of the post listening period between the acupunc-ture group and the control group(P 0.05). There were significant differences on average heart rate, RMSSD, HFunder the condition of heart rate decreasing or unchanging after 20 min(P 0.05). It was concluded that elec-troacupunture on PC6 and PC5 had immediate regulating and post effects on autonomic nerve and bidirectional regu-lations of the plant nerve function disorder caused by fear, which can treat diseases through excitatory or inhibitoryvagus nerve function.

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Journal: World Science and Technology-Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2014 Jan 1(10):2112-7

Keywords: acupuncture, electroacupunture, fear emotion, Heart Rate, heart rate variability,

Applications: HRV,

CamNtech Reference: AH14011

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