Currently, the SEP laboratory has developed a system to automatically generate PDF reports summarizing the results of evaluation tests. This system works well in production but has several limitations. In fact, the use of OriginPro software is an obstacle because of the need for a paid license and hence its use is often limited to researchers and therefore not accessible by coaches and athletes. This means that coaches and athletes cannot access the results directly and must always go through the researchers to obtain the PDF report. Moreover, the PDF report is fixed and not dynamic, i.e. once it is generated, it is not possible to interact with it nor to obtain additional information than the ones presented in the report. Thus, this project aims at developing a web interface to visualize the results of the evaluation tests to improve the follow-up of the French elite athletes and coaches, in order to allow them to access in a simpler and faster way the test results but also to offer them new insights and information. Therefore, a prototype of a web interface integrating results dashboards for 22 out of the 28 different evaluation tests, was developed. This prototype was then evaluated on its usability and user experience in order to obtain subjective but also quantitative evaluations. Finally, it was shown that the use of such an interface is of great interest for athletes and coaches. Indeed, it would save them a lot of time compared to the current process of submitting test reports and there would be a real added value with the dynamic aspect of the interface, and this could be integrated into their daily practices in order to individualize the training, capitalize on the data collection, as well as to follow their athletes longitudinally.

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Keywords: athlete follow-up, athletes, dashboards, evaluation tests, scientific support for performance, Sleep,

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