The aim of this study was to compare locomotor activity in five domestic animals. Five female Comisana sheep, five female Maltese goats, five female Bruna cows, and five female Thoroughbred horses were housed separately in a soundproof box equipped with an airflow system and five female Blue Vienna rabbits were individually housed in metallic cages. Animals were kept under a 12/12 Light/Dark cycle and indoor ambient temperature (16-20°C). To record activity, an Actiwatch-Mini® was placed on each animal by means of a collar. Analysis by the cosinor procedure indicated a daily rhythm of locomotor activity in each of the five species studied. The main activity was observed during the photophase in sheep, goats, cows and horses, and during the scotophase in rabbits. The comparison among the species studied underlined a stable daily rhythm of locomotor activity in cows and horses, while sheep, goats and rabbits showed a weak daily rhythm of locomotor activity.

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Journal: Animal Biology. 2010 Jan 1;60(1):15-24.

Keywords: daily rhythm, domestic animals, locomotor activity,

Applications: Veterinary,

CamNtech Reference: AM10001

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