Objective: To compare the effects of acupuncture at Shenmen(HT7) and sham point on changes of heart rate(HR) and heart rate variability(HRV),so as to investigate the specificity of HT7.Methods: Sixty healthy volunteers were randomly assigned to two groups with HT7 group and sham point group(n=30/group).Subjects in the two groups were connected with the Actiheart electrographic recorder for the observation of HRV parameters 10min before,10min during and 10 min after the needling.Then compare the changes of HR and HRV between two groups.Results:(1) Compared with that of before needling,BPM of HT7 group of during and after needling were decreased(P0.01),LF/HF of after needling was elevated(P0.05).Then lnHF of sham point group of after needling was significantly elevated,HRV triangular indices of during and after needling was elevated(P0.01~0.05).(2) In comparison with that of during needling,BPM of two groups of after needling were elevated(P0.01),while lnHF of HT7 group of during needling was decreased and LF/HF was elevated(P0.01).(3) Compared with sham point group,BPM of HT7 group of during needling was decreased(P0.01),RMSSD and InLF were elevated(P0.05).HRV triangular indices of two groups showed that there were significant difference between those of during and after needling(P0.05).Conclusions: Needling HT7 has a significant effect on increase of RMSSD and HF,which suggesting relates to the mechanism of treating cardiac diseases by the acupoint.

Direct Link: https://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTotal-ZYJC201111037.htm

Journal: Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2011:11

Keywords: acupuncture, Heart Rate, heart rate variability, shenmen,

Applications: HRV,

CamNtech Reference: AH11013

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