MotionWare Activity Analysis

Actigraphy for Physical Activity Monitoring  Accelerometers are becoming increasingly widely adopted as a means for measuring sedentary lifestyle, physical activity and behavioural patterns due to the unobtrusive nature of the devices. The MotionWatch system...

Circadian Rhythm Analysis

Actigraphy has long been regarded as valued method for examining the temporal aspects of sleep behaviour. Due to it’s inherent unobtrusiveness, the MotionWatch 8 can be worn continuously for up to 90 days hence capturing long-term activity-rest patterns.

MotionWare Software

Advanced Actigraphy Software Tools  MotionWare is software that allows for the set-up, download and analysis of data captured with the MotionWatch 8 or MotionWatch Rugged.  Accelerometer data captured with the PRO-Diary may also be analysed with the MotionWare...

PLMS Software

Actigraphy for Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep  Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep (PLMS) as well as being a sleep disorder in its own right is also a manifestation of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and can be a symptom either of Parkinson’s disease and other...

MotionWatch 8

Tri-axial Actigraphy for the monitoring of sleep, circadian rhythm and physical activity. Trusted by clinical and research professionals, the MotionWatch 8 is a leading actigraphy solution for convenient long-term behavioural monitoring.

MotionWatch Rugged

Tri-axial Actigraphy for the monitoring of sleep, circadian stability and physical activity. The MotionWatch-R utilises a unique all-metal casing to withstand the harshest of environments such as Military or Veterinary use.

MotionWatch Bibliography

MotionWatch Bibliography The bibliography contains references for published papers, abstracts and articles in which the use of the MotionWatch system has been reported. 2019   Roveda, E., Bruno, E., Galasso, L., Mulè, A., Castelli, L., Villarini, A., Caumo, A.,...

MotionWare Sleep Analysis

Advanced Actigraphy Software Tools  Actigraphy is a well-established method for monitoring of sleep quality and circadian stability. The Motionwatch has been used in cutting edge research for many years and our Research Library provides a comprehensive list of...

PLMS Software

PLMS foot


Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep (PLMS) as well as being a sleep disorder in its own right is also a manifestation of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and can be a symptom either of Parkinson’s disease and other disorders of the central nervous system or can even be the result of drug administration. Using our specialized software and MotionWatch devices mounted across the toes of the subject, it is possible to detect the occurrence of PLMS and measure its severity.

Overnight recordings can be made to screen for PLMS for up to 6 consecutive nights at a 1 second resolution. The key advantage is that the subjects can wear the devices in their own homes without the need for admission to a sleep clinic.

The frequency and duration of kicks can be automatically classified as bouts of PLMS and the analysis conforms to the ICSD-2 or ICSD-3 specifications. The activity for each leg is displayed graphically and information is provided about the PLMS amplitude, duration and periodicity for individual legs as well as for both legs combined.

The intuitive graphical user interface allows rapid analysis of specific periods of interest with the option to manually exclude unwanted movements or bouts.


NEW! The software now includes the option for a ‘Suggested Immobilization Test’ (SIT) to aid with diagnosis of RLS in the period of wake before bed time. Set up independent analysis periods to capture motor activity and the movement data are scored automatically as PLMW (Periodic Limb Movement during Wakefulness).




  • Detection of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) with SIT function
  • Detection of Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep (PLMS)
  • Parkinson’s research
  • CNS disorder research


Main Features

  • Can be worn in the home environment
  • 6 nights of recording @ 1 second epoch
  • Automatic classification of PLMS bouts
  • Conforms to ICSD-2/3 specifications
  • Cost-effective pre-screening for PLMS


Analysis Software

PLMS 1 2016


PLMS 2 2016


The results are provided for individual and combined legs per night and the analysis may be saved, exported or printed as required. 

The PLMS Analysis functions with standard MotionWatch devices* which offers excellent flexibility in terms of equipment ownership costs.



*Firmware update may be required, strap must be removed.

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