CamNtech launches an ALL NEW model of Actiheart to replace the Actiheart 4 and Actiwave Cardio


The new Actiheart 5 is a full waveform ECG and Tri-Axial Activity recorder providing high resolution recordings for periods exceeding one week. 

The previous generation Actiheart 4 recorded Heart Rate and single axis activity using epoch based logging. The new Actiheart 5 has 1Gbit memory which is substantially larger than the 4Mbit of the Actiheart 4. The battery capacity has increased from 11mAh to 60mAh which combined with the larger memory provides capability to record full ECG waveform and 3 axis accelerometer waveform for 8+ days.

The Actiheart 5 combines the detailed Energy Expenditure and Heart Rate Variability analysis with the high resolution waveform analysis functions of the Actiwave Cardio into one comfortable, waterproof, wearable device.

The Actiheart 5 has a direct USB connection for setup and download thus removing the need for addional readers or docks. The signal cable may be easily replaced and is available in two lengths for different applications.

CamNtech has developed the Actiheart over 15 years and has used the latest advances in technology to build one of the smallest and lightest devices with the most feature rich software to provide maximum research flexibility.

The Actiheart is one of the most widely used devices for applications such as Epidemiology, Energy Expediture, Sport Science and Heart Rate Variability with many hundreds of peer-reviewed publications demonstrating efficacy.


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