MotionWatch Training Videos

MotionWatch Training Videos Using the MotionWatch System Welcome to our MotionWatch training videos. Please visit our YouTube Channel for more videos.   MotionWatch 8 – Operational Overview An introduction to the MotionWatch 8 for sleep and daytime activity...

PRO-Diary Software

PRO-Diary Software Question Configuration and Management     The Windows PRO-Diary software provides an integrated solution for the creation of your own questions, questionnaires and schedules. Select from multiple question types and create simple or complex...


PRO-Diary Combined Actigraphy and e-PRO for Patient Reported Outcomes PRO-DiarySmall, Lightweight yet Powerful e-PRO… PRO-DiaryWrist-worn e-PRO With OLED Display and Touch Controls… The PRO-Diary combines Actigraphy with an electronic Patient Diary in a...

Training Videos

Training Videos Using the PRO-Diary Software Chapter 1 – Menu overview An introduction to the software and an overview of the PRO-Diary menu options. Chapter 2 – Editing questionnaires Configuring questionnaires; creating and editing questions and...

Questions and Questionnaires

Questions and Questionnaires PRO-Diary Question Types and Questionnaire Options Question Types The PRO-Diary software allows full configuration of your questions based upon eight basic question types. The software provides interactive feedback of the question as it...

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