MotionWare Activity Analysis

MotionWare Activity Analysis Actigraphy for Physical Activity Monitoring   Accelerometers are becoming increasingly widely adopted as a means for measuring sedentary lifestyle, physical activity and behavioural patterns due to the unobtrusive nature of the...

Circadian Rhythm Analysis

Circadian Rhythm Analysis Advanced Actigraphy Software Tools     Actigraphy has long been regarded as valued method for examining the temporal aspects of sleep behaviour. Due to it’s inherent unobtrusiveness, the MotionWatch 8 can be worn continuously...

MotionWare Software

MotionWare Software Advanced Actigraphy Software Tools   MotionWare is software that allows for the set-up, download and analysis of data captured with the MotionWatch 8 or MotionWatch Rugged.  Accelerometer data captured with the PRO-Diary may also be analysed...

PLMS Software

PLMS Software Actigraphy for Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep   Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep (PLMS) as well as being a sleep disorder in its own right is also a manifestation of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and can be a symptom either of Parkinson’s disease...
MotionWatch 8

MotionWatch 8

MotionWatch 8 Actigraphy for Sleep, Chronobiology and Physical Activity MotionWatch 8Integrated Light Sensor and Event Marker Button… MotionWatch 8Fully waterproof for bathing and swimming – can be worn 24/7… MotionWatch 8Direct USB connection...
MotionWatch Rugged

MotionWatch Rugged

MotionWatch Rugged Actigraphy for Veterinary or Harsh Environments MotionWatch RuggedAll Metal Actigraph for Harsh Applications … MotionWatch RuggedCollar Mounting Option for Veterinary Applications… The MotionWatch Rugged Builds upon our robust and...

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