Our MotionWare analysis software package can now import the core body temperature data from the BodyCap e-Celsius® system.

The e-Celsius® Performance solution makes possible to collect continuous, reliable and accurate core temperature data while preserving their subjects’ comfort and mobility.

Electronic capsule, e-Celsius® Performance, ingestible and communicating.
The capsule is delivered in unit package. Once activated, it communicates in real time, and continuously, the core temperature data. The single-use e-Celsius® Performance capsule is removed by natural way ; it allows thus to monitor the core temperature over a period corresponding to the transit time (24-48 hours on average).

Monitor, e-Viewer® Performance, receives and records the data transmitted by the capsule.
The communication distance between the capsule and the monitor ranges from 1 to 3m (depending on environment and subject). The capsule has also its own memory. In case of a communication disruption between the monitor and the capsule, an automatic data synchronization is thus possible, a posteriori. The same monitor can manage up to three capsules simultaneously in order to manage several subjects in parallel or for extended use.

The core body temperature data are synchronised with activity and light data within MotionWare and then plotted with the actigraphy data.

Please contact BodyCap directly for more information about the e-Celsius system.

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